It's Time to STOP Suffering and

Start  Feeling Amazing

Menopause can be a scary and confusing time, full of embarrassing, frustrating and exhausting symptoms. 

But it doesn't have to be that way for 
you anymore.

You're about to discover the #1 Key to solving your worst menopause or post menopause symptoms:

The Avita Health Hormone Balancing Package.

Proven to work with over 30,000 hours
 of time spent in service to clients and research 

Package Includes...

At Home Salivary Hormone Collection Kit

A 1 on 1 Personal Consultation with Integrative Health Expert 
Kelly Nolan

Avita Health Hormone Balancing and Vitality Plan

Finally, a way to get solutions to your worst menopause or post menopause problems, without being ignored by your Doctors and spending a fortune at the Naturopath

Scientifically Proven &
Certified Results

The Avita Health Hormone Analysis package includes an easy to use at home hormone analysis kit. This kit uses powerful science that gives you certified, proven answers from a top North American Lab.

Easy to Use & Delivered to Your Door

The Hormone Analysis Kit is delivered right to your door. It's convenient and simple to use, requiring only a little saliva, unlike other kits that can cause pain and are inconvenient because they need blood or hair samples and force you to go to a lab in person.

Get Clarity On What's Really Going On

With clear, scientific and lab certified results you'll finally have a clear picture on which hormones are no longer balanced and why you're suffering.

Get Help to Overcome Your Worst Symptoms

The Avita Health Hormone Analysis package includes a 1 on 1 consultation with Pharmacist and Natural Health Expert Kelly Nolan where you'll get simple advice and help on how to get passed your menopause or post menopause symptoms.

Fast and Accurate 

The results from your at home Hormone Test Kit are analyzed as soon as the Lab gets them, meaning you only have to wait a short period of time before you find out what's really going on. Plus, saliva sampling is more accurate than any other, meaning you get the best results.

One Time Purchase 
for Long Term Health

Understanding where your personal hormone levels are at will lead you to living a happier and healthier life, from today onwards. With only one solution, you can finally have all the answers you need to get over your challenges and live healthier for longer.

Free Yourself From the
Stress and Live Symptom Free

Whether it's insomnia, hot flashes, brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, low sex drive, vaginal dryness 
or any of the other terrible symptoms women suffer from during or after menopause...
you can finally get on track and put them in your rear view mirror.
Say no to all the challenges and yes to living happy, with less stress and no symptoms with this one 
easy to use solution. 

If you're ready to overcome the embarrassing, frustrating and exhausting menopause and post menopause challenges that you're facing, or if you're simply ready to get back the energy and lose the weight that you've gained since going through menopause, then you're in the exact right place.

My name is Kelly Nolan and I'm a pharmacist, an integrative health practitioner and the 
CEO of Avita Integrated Health and today I'd like to reveal to you the #1 Key to solving your worst menopause or post menopause symptoms.

But, before I do I'd like to share a story you may be familiar with...

I woke up drenched in sweat...again

I woke up soaked in sweat.

The bed was also drenched...and I was mortified. This had been happening to me over and over again, but this time it was worse than it had ever been.

I got up out of bed and went into the bathroom. I took a look at myself and was shocked. 

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look at the person staring back at you from the mirror and you think...who is this woman?

That's what happened to me. 

I had been suffering for months and months from terrible night sweats, which led to poor sleep and insomnia. My energy levels had dropped terribly and I was having trouble concentrating and focusing throughout my day. I was in the midst of menopause and it was a horrifying experience. 

I looked at myself in the mirror that night, with my hair plastered to my forehead, with my face looking tired and my whole body looking puffy after I'd put on an extra 30lbs and I thought...

Who the heck is this woman?

Where Did This Come From?

I remember a friend of mine who was a few years older than I was, telling me that menopause was no problem, that it wasn't anything to really worry about...she'd barely noticed going through it.

So when the symptoms and challenges hit me like a freight train, almost overnight, I thought maybe it was something else. But, no. I was in the early stages of menopause. The early stages of challenges like:
Brain Fog
Hot Flashes
Muscle Fatigue
Weight Gain
Vaginal Dryness
Mood Swings
And...many others
I remember thinking to myself...what the heck was this friend of mine talking about?

These symptoms are horrible and worse yet, I've been told by Doctors and peers, just to push through them and get over it? 

Get over it?

I'd like to say to them "you try sitting in a room full of people, giving a presentation, and suddenly you go from feeling fine to feeling like someone just put your entire body in a sauna and turned your arm pits into faucets" the heck would you feel buddy?

Get over it...really?

The challenges we face, as women, during this period of time are terrible. But, it turns out, that if we don't get ahead of them and deal with them and find solutions to them, it can, in fact, get even worse.

Turns out it Could Get Even WORSE!

How Could This Get Harder?

When I was going through all this, I was also going into a brand new marriage.

My first marriage had broken down after 25 years and I’d finally gotten back out there and met an amazing man and we’d set a date to have our dream wedding on the beach in Bahamas and here I found myself 30 lbs overweight, not looking and feeling like myself and losing my interest in sex.

Not the way I wanted to spark a new marriage.

I needed to find myself again.

After all I was 52 not 92.

And you know what…you know what’s worse than any of those things?

I can tell you as a pharmacist and natural medicine practitioner, that if we don’t get these things under control we can suffer from a whole host of downline health issues, possible disease states and real consequences…

The Weight, can start to pile on more and more. This can cause stiffness, lack of mobility, arthritis, diabetes and other issues.

And if we don’t find solutions the energy level continues to drop for us, doesn’t it?

"I needed to find myself again;
have energy, find joy, be happy and feel sexy...
after all I was 52 not 92"

Our hormone imbalances due to menopause cause night after night of restless sleep…

And if that’s left unchecked, along with our mood swings and other changes in our bodies we could find it difficult to maintain our job performance.

We could lose the career that we’ve worked so hard for and we could start struggling in our personal relationships too.

Plus, with vaginal dryness and irritation not only does our sex drive dry up, but now intercourse can be uncomfortable and even painful.

And suddenly, what should be a wonderful period of our lives, a time when we’ve got flexibility in our lives, grandchildren to play with, places to visit…becomes full of frustration, discomfort, pain, exhaustion, anger and even resentment. 

Now that we finally have some money and time on our hands, to do the things that we’d love to do with who we’d love to do it with, everything is changed, by these really embarrassing and difficult to overcome symptoms that our body goes through with menopause.

And this is true for women like you and I whether you’re going through it now or about to head into it.

What's Really Going On

As women we go through such intense changes in our bodies when we go through menopause.
Our bodies, which have been going through this steady, rhythmic cycle every month for 30 to 40 years, since our early teens, completely changes doesn’t it? 

And it feels like it happens almost overnight
doesn’t it? 

All of a sudden, we feel unrecognizable and may start to avoid social functions due to embarrassment.

One day we wake up feeling like ourselves, full of energy and ready to take on all the challenges of our day…then suddenly the next day, we’ve lost our energy, we’ve put on weight, our sex drive is gone, we suffer from brain fog and can be overwhelmed by embarrassing mood swings and hot flashes.

When I was going through this I thought, what the heck is going on? How did this happen to me a health care practitioner? I should know better.

And I thought to myself, how do I get a grip on what’s happening to my body? Get back some control and feel like me again?

AVITA Integrative Health is Here to Help You Get Better and Feel Amazing

Solutions Are Hard to Find...

A lot of my clients have already tried many different tactics to overcome their symptoms and by the time we start working together, they feel like they've tried every option. I know, I tried a number of solutions too. 

But there is a solution. There is something that really works and once I discovered it, I simply had to start sharing it with my clients.

We can talk to our friends and we can talk to our family. Yeah, they’ve got their own experiences, but that’s not us.

That’s not who we are. And often their solutions don’t work for us because our chemistry is different.

We could go to our doctors of course, but they often don’t know exactly what’s going on either.

And they send us to specialist after specialist, after specialist. And let’s be frank...a lot of these doctors are men, aren’t they? And they just can’t relate to what we’re going through in the same way.

Or we can do the research ourselves. Which for some of you might be fun. Maybe you’re like me.

You enjoy spending thousands of hours learning about the way our inner body chemistry works, the way particular supplements affect our hormone levels and how all these elements in the correct mix together can change the way we feel dramatically.

Or maybe you’d just prefer to finally get the chance to connect with an expert and get real solutions and the outcome you so desire FAST!

After over 30,000 hours of research and service to clients...
I've concluded that the best way to get over your worst menopause 
or post menopause symptoms, is to...
Re-Balance Your Hormones 

And that Starts with the Avita Health Hormone Analysis Package.

At Home Salivary Hormone Collection Kit

A 1 on 1 Personal Consultation with Integrative Health Expert 
Kelly Nolan

Avita Health Hormone Balancing and Vitality Plan

Can it be this SIMPLE?

I couldn't believe it was really that simple...but it was. 

After suffering from debilitating menopause symptoms myself for far too long...I put my knowledge and experience to work in helping myself and discovered something simple and amazing.

I had been practicing western medicine for many, many years as a pharmacist. I'd even combined my more traditional western medicinal work with natural medicine and compound pharmacy work to help my clients more thoroughly.

The combination of both natural and pharmaceutical was a game changer for my clients, but when I started to go through the challenges of menopause I wasn't sure how to help myself.

But, I figured I had two choices. I could suffer or I could figure this out.

I chose to figure it out. 

When I dove into what was really going on inside my own body I realized that it all stemmed from one massive shift that was happening inside.

My body chemistry was completely changing.

"I had 2 choices. I could suffer or figure this out...
I chose to figure it out."

The body chemistry that I'd become so used was now changing and changing very quickly. What used to work for me with my diet, exercise, work routine, sleep, activity level were all changing.

So what caused the body chemistry changes?

Once menopause hits, our bodies begin changing from the inside, and what’s really causing all these symptoms that we suffer from, is our hormones.

Our hormone levels, which are the base triggers for our body chemistry change very quickly, in fact it feels like it happens almost overnight doesn't it?

The #1 Key to Overcoming Your Worst Menopause Symptoms:

Is to Re-Balance Your Hormones

Best way to do that is with the "Avita Health Hormone Balancing Package"

Why Hormones are the KEY?

Hormones are a chemical substances that act like messengers to the cells of your body.

They tell the different parts of your body how to do what they do. Insulin, for example, when in balance, helps your body properly use glucose…or sugar. But, when out of balance can cause all sorts of challenges and can lead to diabetes or worse.

Put a little differently…Imagine a tree for a moment. That tree is growing in a certain way based on the nutrients that are in the soil, right?

So what happens if there’s a sudden change in the soil, it’ll grow differently won’t it?

That’s what’s happening inside your body. Right now.

Your chemistry has changed, and these hormones have changed their signals to your cells …and suddenly your cells are no longer acting the way they used to.

This is why you feel so different and are going through what you’re going through. This is why, what you used to do is no longer working.

And, in order to feel the way you did, to feel the way you’d love to feel and be rid of the uncomfortable, embarrassing and debilitating symptoms you’ve been suffering from, you need to re-balance your hormones…you need to find your own blue print..

To re-balance your hormones though, you need to know exactly what levels they’re at, so you can take the right dosage of supplements, do the right exercises and eat properly.

Your One Simple Test Away From Answers & Solutions

In order to take back control, overcome your symptoms and embrace this new body of yours, you need to re-balance your hormones and that starts with knowing where your new hormone levels are at and going below the surface of your symptoms to determine the root cause.

I think we can both agree, that in order to make the right diet choices, exercise choices and supplement choices to re-balance your hormones…we need to know where they’re at today.

We need a clear picture, a map, of what’s going on inside so we can fix the problems that you and I are clearly suffering from on the outside.

The best way to do this is through a Saliva Hormone Test and after thousands of hours and dollars I’ve identified the absolute best one on the market for you and I, it’s called the Endo Select Salivary Hormone Test.

And you can get yours here today!
4 Reasons This Hormone Test is a Perfect Match For You!
The Endo Select Hormone Kit is simple to use and it's completed first thing in the morning (before your first coffee!), right from the comfort of your own home.

As I’d mentioned there are other Hormone Test Kits out there. However, I did the leg work and spent the money researching the science and in my expert opinion, this is the best one.

I love this Kit for 4 reasons.
I love this kit because it’s convenient and takes only 5 minutes to complete. No lab, no needles, no line-up etc… 
I love it because it doesn’t test for a whole bunch of inconsequential hormones, like most of the other ones you can find. It tests directly for the Hormones that, as a pharmacist and natural medicine practitioner, I believe are the most important for women who are going through or who have gone through menopause.
  • Estradiol
  • Testosterone
  • Progesterone
  • ​DHEA
  • ​Cortisol
These 5 hormones control hot flashes, brain fog, vaginal dryness, insomnia, muscle fatigue, stress, weight gain, anxiety, mood swings, adrenaline gland function and much more.
I love this kit because it’s the easiest for you and I to use. Once the kit arrives at your home, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions on how to fill ONE vial with a very small amount of saliva, fill out the requisition and send it off to the lab…much easier and less painful than having to use your blood or pull your hair out for a hair analysis which is the way a lot of other kits do it.

I love this test kit because it’s the most accurate I’ve found.
Because it tests saliva as opposed to blood, it tests on a cellular level, which gives us a clearer picture of what’s been happening over time, not just what’s moving in and out of your bloodstream at the moment the lab drew blood.

How to use Your Salivary Hormone Collection Kit

What's in the Avita Health Hormone
Balancing Package?

To truly get past your menopause or post menopause symptoms and leave them behind you for good, it's vital that you re-balance your hormones. The Avita Health Hormone Balancing Package is the perfect solution for you. This is an all inclusive package that features the key pieces necessary in order to find out exactly where your new hormone levels are at, how to go about re-balancing them and what to do long term to keep you looking and feeling great long after your menopause days are behind you.

Those 3 amazing pieces are:

> The Endo Select Salivary Hormone Kit

> A 1 on 1 Private Consultation with Avita Health Pharmacist and Natural Health Practioner; Kelly Nolan

> Plus...a designed for you Avita Health Hormone Balancing and Vitality Plan

In this Package...

Endo Select Salivary Hormone Kit

Understanding where your new hormones levels are at is the first step in taking back control of your body and your life during or after menopause. 

After over 30,000 hours of time spent researching and helping clients we've found the absolute best tool for this. The Endo Select Salivary Hormone Kit.
  • Certified Lab Tested Results
  • No Pain Blood or Hair Sampling
  • Saliva Based For Accuracy
  • Quick Results in only a few Weeks
  • ​Convenient & Easy 

You're Also Getting...

1 on 1 Private Consultation

After many years serving clients in her clinic, CPPA Kelly Nolan, found that although the Endo Select Salivary Hormone Kit was very accurate and valuable, understanding your results wasn't so easy.

Rather than leave her clients to muddle through the lab report on their own she's including for you a private 1 on 1, 30 minute consultation, where she'll take her expertise, knowledge and years of experience and put them to work for you in getting a clear understanding of your lab results.
  • Clarity on your new Hormone Levels
  • Insight into your symptoms
  • Guidance on solutions
  • ​Compassionate Understanding

Plus You'll Receive...

Avita Health Hormone Balancing & Vitality Plan

Having clarity on what's going on inside your body and why it's happening is powerful knowledge, but without a plan on how to solve your menopause or post menopause challenges, it just becomes information. By putting that information into a plan you go from challenged to empowered.

Avita Health Clinical Director and Pharmacist Kelly Nolan, will be including in this incredible package a 'designed for you' Avita Health Hormone Balancing and Vitality Plan. This priceless plan will help you not only understand how to overcome what you're facing today, but it'll also include steps to help you in the hormone based obstacles you could face in the future.
  • Clear plan of action
  • ​Exact Steps
  • Estimated Time Frames
  • ​Precise Supplements
  • ​Fitness Routine Suggestions
  • ​Long Term Solutions

You're Getting All 3 Things You Need to Get Symptom Free

Lab Certified Analysis

 Get quick and scientifically proven hormone analysis from a State of the Art Lab, right here in North America. Receive clear details on your 5 Key Hormones: Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA & Cordisol.

Expert Guidance

Get professional and experienced help from Pharmacist and Women's Health expert Kelly Nolan on understanding your lab results and more importantly what to do with your newly discovered knowledge.

Clear Plan for Long Term Health

Have the peace of mind, clarity and step by step plan you've been craving to beat your worst menopause symptoms and get back to living with energy, feeling fantastic and being happy in  your new body. 

I'm sure you can see that, 
these services are valued at THOUSANDS of Dollars on their own.

BUT Today You Save...

Today you can get the entire package at a very special price.

Rather than pay hundreds of dollars on Hormone Tests that aren't as good and spend thousands of dollars getting advice from Doctors, Naturopaths and Nutritionists and waste  months or even years of your life looking for answers...

You can make one easy decision today and finally get the clarity and solutions to overcome your worst menopause and post menopause challenges.

Avita Health Hormone Balancing Package

is Only $450

Plus, if you order today you'll instantly earn

$600 back!

For a limited time Avita Health is offering the entire Avita Health Hormone Balancing Package for one low fee of $450 and giving you back $600 in credit towards your first 6 months of solution supplements, when you purchase them through Avita Health.

It's like we're giving you the Hormone Kit, a 1 on 1 consultation with an expert and the Step By Step Hormone Re-Balancing Plan for...


This is an extremely limited time offer as Kelly Nolan, the Avita Health Clinical Director and Integrative Health Expert, has a limited amount of time available and this offer includes a 1 on 1 consultation with her to help you get results faster.

So, take advantage of this amazing offer today for only 

Only $450

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"I'm a 56 year old woman who has been struggling...

with weight gain due to menopause. Since starting…I feel great. Kelly is a great help…I have tried many things to get healthy again and rest assured this… is simple and works."
-Linda Q.

"After yo-yo dieting for many years I am happy that I have found Kelly...

and have lost 30lbs and feel great. It’s been easy to follow her plan…Thank You Kelly."

"I have to say I was skeptical, but I've lost 45lbs...

since the beginning…and I feel like I’m getting back to myself after being miserable…I would recommend this to anyone struggling…Thanks Kelly"
-Catherine S.

Order TODAY and Earn $600 Back

For a limited time Avita Health is offering the entire Avita Health Hormone Balancing Package for one low fee of $450 and giving you back $600 in credit towards your first 6 months of solution supplements.

for only $450

The Avita Health Hormone Balancing Package Includes...

The Endo Select Salivary Hormone Kit

A 1 on 1 Private Consultation With Pharmacist and Integrative Health Expert Kelly Nolan

The Avita Health Hormone Balancing and Vitality Plan

All 3 Vital Keys for Helping You Overcome Your Worst Menopause or Post Menopause Symptoms in one easy place.

all for only 

plus when you order today you get

$600 back!